Content is the currency of the web. However customers find or interact with your brand, it’s through some form of content – from a brochure or website to a Facebook post or blog post.

Some brands have created entire businesses by creating search and social-optimized content that gets noticed. And the good part is that anyone can launch a content marketing program. You just have to think hard about what your audience wants to see and how you can develop your brand identity through content.

In this recording,┬áBlaise Lucey, Director of Product & Content Marketing and Denise Chan, Senior Content and Community Manager, will take you through the steps you need to get a content program off the ground, from blog and social channels to generating leads and selling product. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop content your audience will like
  • What makes a good blog & editorial calendar
  • Tips for optimizing content for social and search
  • How to build your first multichannel content campaign
  • Tracking and proving ROI